Where artificial intelligence meets clinical research:
We aim to develop robust machine learning algorithms to detect Alzheimer’s Disease before symptoms appear. Our algorithms can be utilized for other dementia diseases, such as Lewy Body Disease and Parkinson's Disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative

What Is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is an approach to disease treatment and prevention that seeks to maximize effectiveness by considering individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Precision medicine seeks to redefine our understanding of disease onset and progression, treatment response, and health outcomes through the more precise measurement of molecular, environmental, and behavioral factors that contribute to health and disease.

Why Alzheimer's Disease?

• No treatments to prevent the disease
• 6th Leading cause of death in U.S.
• 2 in 3 are women
• Most expensive single disease. Takes away 25% of our healthcare budget
• It kills more people than prostate and breast cancers combined

Our Approach

We have created an early detection method that uses the latest advancements in deep learning. It identifies Alzheimer’s Disease patients at high risk, using medication regimens, historical diagnosis, risk factors, and care programs. Our developed algorithms also stratify the population of patients and suggest personalized medications and treatments.