Foundation for Precision Medicine Announces Google Partnership

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The Foundation for Precision Medicine is excited to share that we participated in Data Solutions for Change, a Google data analytics program to help nonprofits thrive. We were honored to be one of the few selected for their first incubation pilot program. Through the partnership, they provide us data storage through the Google Cloud Platform, training, and implementation by designated Google engineers.

Utilizing the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite offerings have facilitated the sharing of data quickly and securely with research partners in the medical field. We hope that increased data storage will enable us to receive more electronic health records, moving beyond the current group of 4 million records to as many as 80 million.

The resources and assistance provided by Google enabled us to gain traction quickly and completed our proof of concept in four months instead of the projected one year. Ayin Vala, co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, comments, “BigQuery [a data storage and analysis program] is revolutionizing our work. It’s 100x faster than the in-house server we used before, allowing us to analyze 100x larger datasets. That means we can query full datasets, test against all kinds of variables, and ultimately make our algorithms more accurate. We have been able to reclaim 70% of our data team’s time for scientific discovery.”

We are extraordinarily grateful for the donated resources and the time that Google engineers have dedicated to our cause as we seek to accelerate Alzheimer’s disease detection. To read more about the tools we accessed during Data Solutions for Change, click here.