Foundation for Precision Medicine Team Presents Research at Global Big Data Conference

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Ayin Vala, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of the Foundation for Precision Medicine, and Dr. Mark Ereth, Medical Director of the Foundation represented the Foundation at the 5th Annual Global Big Data Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Ayin was invited to present the results of our latest work, and he describes his presentation below:

Every day we see examples of the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence in transportation, information technology, finance, and other sectors. However, the transformative impact has not been fully realized in medicine and especially personalized medicine. Computing has become very powerful and analytics algorithms have become smart enough to spot patterns in patient characteristics and treatments to provide discovery. Complex disease processes like Alzheimer’s Disease cannot be cured by pharmaceutical or genetic sciences alone and current treatments and therapies lead to mixed successes. By introducing more data-driven investigation we can take into account individual variability in medicine intake, lifestyle, and genetic factors for each person and use the power of big data and artificial intelligence to treat challenging diseases. This talk highlighted a few of our machine learning projects in personalized medicine, leading to better care for patients and saving cost for hospitals.



Dr. Mark Ereth, the Director of the Foundation for Precision Medicine and the CEO of Apri Health, was a member of the keynote panel, including leading healthcare leaders from major tech companies around that country, that discussed “The Future of Health Care”.
The panel was chaired by Aashima Gupta, the Global Head of Health Care at Google. The panel discussion reaffirmed our determination to address the stagnation in application of high end analytics to basic health care. Throughout the conference, members of our Foundation enjoyed the opportunity to meet potential collaborators, including data scientists and clinicians specializing in dementia.